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Studio Style offers fresh Canadian Collections by
Hatley, Parkhurst, Alison Sheri, Up Pants, Fresh FX, Neon Buddha and more.
European collections include designs by Sandwich, Junge,  Mansted, Robell, Soya Concept, Oui and more.

United States collections include designs by Tommy Bahama, Nic & Zoe and Liverpool Jeans,
Cut Loose and Jag Jeans.


elana wang1.jpeg
elana wang 2.jpeg
Alison Sheri 1.jpg
alison sheri 5.jpg
Alison Sheri logo.png
cutloose logo.jpg
Fresh FX
hately logo.png
Fresh FX
Liverpool logo jpg.jpg
mansted logo.jpg
Nic Zoe logo jpg.jpg
Fresh FX
soya logo_2021.jpg
Fresh FX
Fresh FX
tommy logo.png
Uppants logo.jpeg
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